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Love Songs with a Twist


When I was single, one of the things that helped me tolerate and even embrace love songs that came on the radio  was to sing them to God. I know it sounds corny, but it helped. One day, on a solo road trip, that old song came on the radio: “Some Kinda Wonderful.” I was about to change the station, when I got an idea. I substituted the name of Jesus for “my baby.” Later in the song, I sang about my sweet loving savior.
And I’m telling you, it worked. Singing love songs to or about Jesus helped ease my loneliness.

Just try it. When a love song comes on, but you don’t have a romantic interest, or if you have one who’s not good for you, substitute the higher power or ideal love of your choice. Think of someone who’s always got your back.


Can I get a witness?

I realized I could do this with any love song. I even sang love songs to my dog who was always there for me. Cause you know what dog spelled backwards is. Dogs are like mirrors reflecting unconditional love. Natalie, at Sacred Touches, agrees.



As I write in Trust the Timing:

“The dogs provided more comfort and less stress than the men I dated after the divorce “




You can sing love songs to any body you want to. Because love is valuable and wonderful . It doesn’t have to be romantic love, though romantic love is pretty darn special. I’m talking about caring for someone else so much that their happiness is just as important as your own. (Love your neighbor as yourself, not more than yourself.)

Whether it’s brotherly love, sisterly love, parental love, platonic love, romantic love, self love, dog love or AGAPE God love, love is good.

Happy Valentine’s Day!





A Gift You Can’t Buy in the Store, Part 1


Tuesday was my last full day at the job I worked for 30 years. In January, I’ll go back for a few hours to wrap up some paperwork and get the rest of my stuff, and there will be a “retirement” party. But these things will be on my terms and at my convenience.

My husband told me he was proud of me for retiring on my terms. But it was because of him that I was able to do it that way, cutting my hours back gradually, building my courage for the leap of faith, trusting that I would be taken care of. My husband, not wanting to contribute to the commercialization of Christmas, doesn’t like to buy presents from a store, but he loves to make things from wood like candle holders and Christmas ornaments like the balloon above. I tend to agree with him. He’s giving me the best gift of all the Christmas – the gift of retirement.

It was hard to say goodbye to my clients. But it was the right decision for me. Now, I get giggly inside, like a kid at Christmas, as I realize I don’t have to go back to the bureaucracy, to the demands to do more in less time – or bringing work home,  or to the witnessing of the wreckage of addiction.

I am forever grateful to have witnessed the triumphs over addiction and for the privilege to be able to help a little. I’m thankful for all that I’ve learned. But I believe I’ve paid my dues. Now, it’s my turn to follow my heart back to its creative home. I’ll probably do a stress management group somewhere, maybe a group with a creative twist! But it will be on my terms.

I will remember all those late nights I drove home exhausted, my hands aching from the keyboard, wondering if I would ever get caught up on the paperwork, wondering if I  could make it another 10 years until social security and medicare kicked in, wondering if those benefits would even be there for me in 10 years.

I will remember praying to God for deliverance, telling myself, God has a plan.

Little did I know how marvelous that plan would be. God was watching me, loving me, encouraging me, and doing the same for my soulmate 700 miles away. God waited for the perfect time, when my soulmate and I were ready to journey together. (And in case you didn’t know, I’m writing a book about that.)

Ten years ago, I asked God to take away the desire for a partner, or to send someone who is a good fit.

Today, I thank God for the gift of my husband who is a good fit. And I thank my husband for the gift of freedom to be me. On my terms. And on God’s terms.



Four Years Ago…


December 1, 2012


I never would have imagined that at the age of 56, after twenty years of marriage and the unexpected divorce that brought me to my knees, after the rebound from hell followed by the rebound from purgatory, and after five years of celibacy when I almost gave up on romance, that I would end up marrying the love of my life.

God had a plan all along. We just had to be ready. Not perfect, just ready to work on our stuff together.

Never give up.

You never know

what wonderful surprises

are waiting right around the corner!



Gratitude Makes Sense of our Past

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Melody Beattie


 Twenty years of Holy Matrimony

Tossed out like old shoes.

What happened to the promise?

To the the dream?

To the love?

Change ran them off

Down divergent paths.







Finally passed as


Seeped into the empty space

 Making room for new possibilities.

 I found my self again.

And loved me for my soul.

And  when the time was right,

Everything made sense.


Now I’m thankful

that he made that space

and found a better fit.

I’m thankful for the time to heal

and learning to let go.

I’m thankful for the lessons learned

on long and winding roads.

I’m  thankful for convergent paths

That brought my true love home.


© 2016 JoAnne Silvia. All words and photos on this post are the property of JoAnne Silvia.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and followers for whom I am very thankful! 

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What Ghosts Are You Bringing into Your Relationship?

Sharing this post from my friend, Andrea, cause she is courageous, hard working and keeps it real.

Dating with Jesus


Since today is Halloween, this seemed an appropriate post…

Another way to put this is, what sins are you making your current partner pay for that aren’t his or hers? And how are they hurting your relationship?


Him or her?

All of us, no matter who we are, bring some baggage into a relationship. None of us on this side of heaven are perfect. Still, some of us may bring a little or a lot more than others, and it can hurt or hinder ourselves and the other person, leading the relationship to become unhealthy, sour, or even end.

What ghosts of our past are lingering in our closets, causing unhealthy fright and worry?

Shortly after my sweet boyfriend and I began dating, the crazy began to come out. He doesn’t know “all” the crazy because I tried to go to God, my counselor, and my girlfriends with the…

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Autumn 1971


Photo by JoAnne Silvia


It was around this time in 1971 that I met my first love at my best friend’s party. So, I thought you might like to read about that in the  following excerpt from Chapter 1 my upcoming book, Trust the Timing.

October’s cool air finally brought relief from the summer heat and added restless excitement to the new school year. Terry and I had been hanging out in her room,  lamenting about not having boyfriends. Then her eyes lit up.

“I know! Let’s have a party!”

“You mean a Halloween party?”

“No. That’s for kids. I’m talkin’ about a cool party. Maybe my parents will let us have it in the garage.”

This would be nothing like our usual Saturday night sleepovers. No Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. No Chef Boyardee pizza in a box. No prank phone calls. It would be our first real high school party with boys, and possibilities swirled around in my head.

In two months, I would be sixteen and still had not had a decent first kiss. That awkward moment in the backyard with Harold from down the street laying on top of me didn’t count. His impatient kiss bruised my lips with urgent pressure. It lacked imagination and certainly didn’t get him any further.

Our friend Caroline, the one with the big, beautiful lips, loved kissing and described kisses that sounded like the exact opposite of Harold’s, like the luxurious kiss that lasted the entire length of the song, “Crystal Blue Persuasion.” I wondered if I would ever have kiss like that.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” she encouraged. “Just let it happen naturally.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Terry argued. “I still can’t forget Tommy Rayburn putting his bubble gum in my mouth when he kissed me. It was disgusting! I had more fun kissing my bedroom mirror.”

Before the party, Terry and I plastered one wall of her parents’ garage with psychedelic black light posters across from her Bob Dylan poster on the other side. Along with Dylan, we played Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. A friend brought over a flashing strobe light with the warning that it could make some people feel sick if you left it on too long, so we used it sparingly.

As people arrived through the kitchen and started mingling, Terry and I looked at each other and grinned. This was going to be good. Her parents hardly checked on us, but greeted people at the front door and directed them to the garage. We were pretty well behaved anyway. If anything bad happened, it happened in the back seat of somebody’s car, though few of us had cars back then.

I felt a wave of shyness as the room started to fill up, and went to sit on the large trunk at the back of the garage. Terry floated from person to person, welcoming everyone and laughing. I was satisfied to sit back and take in the scene.

In walked this tall, lean guy who grabbed my attention right away. He must have been at least 6 feet tall. At 5’8, I was still awkwardly taller than most guys my age. He looked a lot older than someone in tenth grade, like he could easily pass for a senior. He wore an olive green military field jacket over a T-shirt and jeans. His wavy blond hair fell over his eyebrows but didn’t cover his ears. He smiled slightly as someone caught his attention. Caroline waved at him from across the room with a big smile, and he walked over to her. I realized he must be the one she invited from her French class.

I surveyed the room thinking maybe I should try to mingle. But it was so much easier to just watch. I looked back at the tall guy standing with Caroline and a couple other people. It wasn’t just his height that attracted me. There was something about him, a look of maturity in his soft eyes as he listened, not saying much. His focus drifted from the conversation, and he caught me staring at him. The 7UP bubbles dancing in my paper cup suddenly became very interesting.

From my perch, I watched out of the corner of my eye as he walked over to the cooler to get a soda. When the strobe light came back on, I lost sight of him as more people came in.

“Turn that damn thing off!” somebody yelled a couple minutes later.

When the regular lights came back on, I started to scan the room and almost jumped when he appeared on my right, standing next to the trunk, like he’d always been there.


It’s still a  Work in Progress, so let me know what you think. And feel free to sign up for updates on the book via my monthly newsletter. This should take you there.

(The excerpt and photo above belong to JoAnne Silvia and may not be used except with permission and when clear credit is given to the author.)


Home Deliverance


Home is where I love to be these days. For thirty years or more, it was Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s off to work I go. Not digging in the mines like the seven dwarfs, but digging through layers of paperwork and computer records more than one would imagine when the job is being a counselor. Now, I do that job just one day a week.

Home is not ho hum to me like it might have been when I was in my teens and twenties – when I met the man who would some day make it possible for me to stay home more.

Home is comfortable, peaceful, an introvert’s heaven. Now, I have the time to make it even more comfortable. My cozy little cottage, without the seven dwarfs, is safe. I’m not saying dwarfs would not be safe. I have nothing against dwarfs. Clowns, now that’s another story….let’s not go there.

My husband offered me the opportunity to quit my job last year as he approached the age when he could dip into his retirement savings. I kept asking him, are you sure it’s okay for me to do that? I even talked with his accountant. I hadn’t been supported financially by a man since….since I lived with my parents which seems like a whole lot of time ago. There I used the prompt in the middle of a word. And it wasn’t that hard, not planning it exactly.

I don’t hate my job that paid the bills for 30 plus years, I love parts of it, that’s why I’m still doing it one day a week. I like helping people and the decrease in paperwork. But there was a time when I prayed for deliverance, when I was working late at night, trying to catch up on the paperwork.

Deliverance came in a way I never would have imagined. When the time was right, my soulmate found me again. It took a long time, but the timing was perfect – when he  was close to retiring from his career job, and when we were ready. Which reminds me to never give up hope. God and the whole universe are working for us, if we just put our hearts desires out there on a starry night or two, get ready, and believe that anything is possible.


Linda’s prompt for today’s Stream of Consciousness post was, “ho,” with instructions to find a word with those two letter in that order and use it in your post.

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